Combine Tekla Structures and IDEA StatiCa for Truly Constructible Complex Connection Design


IDEA StatiCa and Tekla Structures are advanced structural engineering software products with strong synergy. Join this webinar to learn about this integration between LOD400 steel detailing software and powerful FEM connection software for fast analysis and optimization of both non-standard and standard connections. For many, this offers an opportunity to replace slow, potentially error prone hand calculations with a practical and productive model based analysis/design/detail workflow for unlimited complex connection geometry.

The partnership between Trimble and IDEA RS allows a seamless link between the two programs and extends the workflow to complex steel connection design. IDEA StatiCa users can design all types of welded or bolted connections, base plates, footing and anchoring.

Join the webinar and learn about:

  • IDEA StatiCa and Trimble’s Tekla software partnership & the latest link developments
  • How to save time by avoiding structural software limitations
  • How to minimize the risks of structural defects even in complex nodes or connections
  • How to deliver clear results for verification

Watch this webinar

Date: Wednesday, 31 May 2017