Collaboration and superior value – Rebar fabricator Midland Steel utilizes Tekla to win more work


Reduced material costs and waste, punctual just-in-time delivery, installation in a fraction of time with improved safety compared to the old rebar installation process: The UK- and Ireland-based rebar fabricator Midland Steel delivers superior value to their clients by utilizing Tekla.

In this webinar Tony Woods, Managing Director of Midland Steel, talks about the great work they are doing for the concrete businesses, particularly with reinforcing steel. Woods explains how they are using Tekla in their rebar detail-fabrication-installation workflow.

Join this webinar and discover:

  • Insight to Midland Steel’s work on  projects and how they have provided significant benefits for the whole reinforced concrete workflow.
  • How Midland Steel uses Tekla to develop the way they do business

Watch this webinar