Better Precast Solutions Faster - O’Reilly Concrete’s Evolution from 2D to BIM


Richard Kowalski, the webinar’s main speaker, is the Technical Director for O’Reilly Concrete. He is responsible for structural and precast design in his company and has been using Tekla Structures since 2005 in his everyday work.

In this webinar Richard explains how they started using Tekla Structures and achieved 20% time savings already in the first project they did using the software. He tells how they have improved the way they sell their solutions, design and detail precast during the past 10 years as Tekla users. Richard explains how they utilize model to better manage their production and projects, and what kind of benefits they have experienced with model-based working.

O’Reilly Concrete are leading manufacturers of precast frame buildings and a full range of prestressed and precast walls, floors and stairs. O’Reilly Concrete’s unrivalled track record in designing and building construction projects has helped them to become a market leader in Ireland and the UK.

Join the free webinar and learn:

  • How O’Reilly Concrete got started with Tekla and delivered their first residential project 20% faster compared to the old way of working
  • How the company reduced detailing and production errors by 80% already in early beginning with Tekla
  • How Tekla helps them improve design and save time in detailing
  • How the software helps them manage precast production and projects better
  • The company’s experiences on their first BIM projects
  • O’Reilly Concrete’s future plans on utilizing Tekla to improve their productivity

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