Best practices for modeling tubes and beams for fabrication


In this webinar you will learn about the best way of working when detailing steel connections.

Within Tekla a range of specialized HGG components are available. What makes these HGG components unique is that they allow to model root gap, welding preparation, slotted holes. This allows to directly exporting cutting data from the model.

In a live demo we show you how you can model your beams and pipes inside Tekla and correctly export them to your (HGG) pipe or beam cutting machine.

Also there will be a demonstration on alternative ways to model cuts for beam cutting machines as well as a demonstration on files checking and viewing DSTV files in the HGG DSTV Viewer. Concluding this training, Mick Hodgson shows how the files are imported into HGG ProCAM, showing the cutting paths and the final result.

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