Aas-Jakobsen finds new ways of working with Tekla Model Sharing


How can you get three different offices around the globe to work together on one single model? This was the challenge Aas-Jakobsen faced when they took on the design of the new Terminal 3 at Bergen international airport in Norway.

In this webinar Erik Hersleth, BIM coordinator at Aas-Jakobsen, talks about how Tekla Model Sharing enabled them to join the teams from the offices located in Norway and Bangkok, Thailand. Tekla Model Sharing made the data accessible from anywhere on the globe while keeping it safe and secure.


Aas-Jakobsen is a leading civil engineering consultant company with special expertize within structural engineering. The company seeks projects with technical and multidisciplinary challenges. Their goal, the best result for the customers, is obtained through high qualifications and quality in all stages.

Tekla Model Sharing allows Tekla Structures project teams to work efficiently together regardless of their location or time zone, so you can easily bring together the right people for the project. The service works for all sizes of projects, both online and offline, and the model information is stored and transferred safely. Tekla Model Sharing helps delivering projects profitably and on time.

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