Webinar: What’s New in Tekla Structures Bridge Creator

Tekla Structures Now Even Better for Bridge Engineers

Tekla Structures Bridge Creator keeps getting better.

Join us to learn what is new in Bridge Creator in a webinar on the 10th of February 2021 at 

5 PM, AEST, Brisbane (7 AM GMT)
1 PM, CET, Amsterdam (12 PM GMT)
12 PM, EST, New York (5 PM GMT)

The new features include inserting beams, polybeams or any Tekla component along any Bridge Creator feature line, and viewing real chainage (station) along the road line in two different ways or from a selected point. 

Use any beam or polybeam from a Tekla catalog and constrain it to any line you want. You can also easily define and control the positioning and spacing of these beams. You can now complete the bridge with railings, lamps, barriers or any other grouped objects along the line or position you want. Moreover, you can view the station along the roadline in two different ways according to your preference: by typing it to create the layout point visually or by picking points along the road line to display the layout points and obtain the correct xyz values. 

“The greatest improvement is the possibility to model components using the new Components tab in Bridge Creator,” says Project Engineer Hannu Suojanen of WSP Finland.

With this functionality, you can model almost anything including rail posts, light poles, and noise barriers, as well as retaining walls with construction joints. These improvements mean I can model the entire bridge with Tekla Structures.”

In the webinar, Gabriel Neves of Bridges Technical Manager at Trimble demonstrates both the new features and some old basics.

Join the webinar here


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