Trimble at Junction 2017 – 48 hours of hacking the way the world works

What is Junction? 

With only 5.4 millions inhabitants, Finland is the home for 10% of startups existing in the world!  For a company working with leading technology solutions, this as a huge opportunity for us to learn, and cooperate with these innovative start-ups. 

That was also why we spent the weekend of November 24-26 at Junction -- Europe’s largest  hackathon just a mile from our office. The event gathered 1,500 developers and designers from Europe and all around the world. In 48 hours, these developers and designers worked in teams to create applications, solve real life problems with the latest technology you can think of. More than 60 different companies and public partners participated and provided many challenges falling under different themes, known as tracks.

Trimble at Intelligent Building track - 48 hours - 4 amazing projects

Trimble joined the hackathon as a partner in the Intelligent Building track. You can find out more about our challenge from here.

After 48 hours of intensive work, 4 teams submitted their projects to Trimble. We were amazed with what these talented folks came up with in such short period of time. Many projects used our latest technology solutions and newest gadgets as HoloLens, Augmented or Virtual Reality (AR/VR) gears that we brought with us to the hackathon in order to create magical applications. 

And the winner is…

Team Incognito won the first place in the Trimble Challenge. The team developed an application that allows displaying and interacting with buildings using voice recognition and Microsoft HoloLens AR headset.

© Official image by Junction

“We want to bring something new and allows the user to experience the 3D building models and interact with them. Bringing virtual objects into the real world (Augmented reality) is the new technology in the market,” told the team. 

The application allows the users to truly experience the 3D design of a building. For example, the users can see the furniture in a real room and check whether it fits in the room or not.

A Huge round of applause to team Incognito and other teams who submitted their projects! Looking forward to developing these ideas into meaningful business applications. 

In the meantime, if you could not make it to Junction, but still want to challenge yourself with interesting problems that digitalization of construction and software offer, apply for our open position for software engineer