Timo Keinänen appointed as Managing Director of Tekla

Timo Keinänen

Timo Keinänen has been appointed as Managing Director of Tekla, a Trimble company. Timo replaces Tekla’s Chief Executive Officer Ari Kohonen at the end of April 2013.

Timo Keinänen has a master’s degree in economics and business management from the University of Vaasa. He joined Tekla in 2003 and has served as Chief Financial Officer since then. The change will not affect daily operations.

Keinänen’s main role as Managing Director is to manage the support units in a way that allows Tekla run its business operations smoothly and effectively. He will coordinate and develop common policies and way of working in Tekla offices and units. Tekla business units are already reporting directly to Trimble.

“This is a natural transition now that Trimble has owned Tekla for almost two years. All Tekla’s activities are relevant to Trimble and support their business well. Tekla’s financial and operational performance has been good for a long time and Trimble did not want to take possibly hasty decisions that could have been harmful,” Timo Keinänen says and continues: “During this period Trimble has learned about Tekla’s capabilities and has now been able to decide on the next steps of the organization.”

Ari Kohonen joined Tekla in 2003. At that time the company’s financial performance left a lot to be desired.

“While I did not doubt the underlying capabilities of this excellent organization, the development over these ten years has been much better than I dared to expect. These have been very interesting and enjoyable ten years. As the functions of a tightly integrated subsidiary are much different from an independent public company, this is a very suitable moment for me to start pursuing other interests,” Ari Kohonen comments.

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