Time to Swap StruCad for Tekla

Pictured Richard Brotherton: Executive Director to AceCad Software Group Who Also Swapped StruCad for Tekla Software
15 June 2012
Trimble Navigation and Tekla’s acquisition of StruCad earlier this year puts the companies in position to lead the technology development of BIM software for steel detailing and fabrication. 

Already nearly 2000 users have decided to swap their StruCad licenses for Tekla Structures. The number of swapped licenses tells that the StruCad users see the benefits of Tekla Stuctures and value of the swapping deal. If you have a valid maintenance contract with Strucad and swap it for Tekla before 1 July, you only pay for maintenance until the end of year 2012 at the time of the swap.  And those who move to Tekla during this year get the Tekla license on the price of the maintenance fee for 2012 and 2013. 

One of the customers who already have swapped StruCad to Tekla is AceCad Software Group, former developer of StruCad software, who also runs successful drawing and design office.