Tekla's Solution in Key Role in Helen Sähköverkko Oy's Utilization of Information from Smart Meters

3 November 2011

Tekla's solution in key role in Helen Sähköverkko Oy's utilization of information from smart meters

Tekla Corporation                      Press release                            November 3, 2011
Helen Sähköverkko Oy, an electricity transmission and distribution company in Helsinki, Finland, has acquired an extension module to its Tekla DMS (Distribution Management System). With the system extension, the company aims to increase the efficiency of its low voltage network operations and monitoring. With the acquisition, Helen Sähköverkko Oy complements its existing Tekla Solution for energy distribution. 
The acquisition is related to a project for automatic electricity meter reading where Helen Sähköverkko Oy, the company in charge of electricity distribution in Helsinki, replaces all electricity meters with automatically readable smart meters in its area. All meters in central Helsinki have already been replaced, and work is currently being done in suburban areas. The project affects over 300,000 customers.
The Tekla DMS extension has a significant role in the project. The extension creates an interface between AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems and the distribution management system, through which the systems can communicate. The interface enables the two-way transfer of information between the distribution management system and smart meters from different manufacturers. Tekla delivers the extension together with the suppliers of the AMR systems. 
- We were searching for a solution with which on-site information could be transferred to the distribution management system. Tekla's system was an easy choice, as Tekla made a cost-efficient offer on a world-class functionality, says Jari Martikainen, Manager of Network Information Management at Helen Sähköverkko Oy.
According to Martikainen, a central benefit from the interface between AMR systems and Tekla DMS, as well as Tekla DMS's functionalities based on information from AMR systems is improved customer service. The solution integrates information from two systems and thus simplifies operations. 
- The benefits of the solution under implementation are based on communication between the smart meter and the distribution management system. Our customer service will improve after the acquisition, as the solution can be used in checking the status of the network at the customer's end in real time, Martikainen notes.
In practice, the solution will help in, for instance, fault management situations.
- The interface can receive alarm notifications, such as information regarding faults and asymmetries, from the smart meters. The interface also enables queries to be made to either individual meters or to specific areas during fault management situations. Furthermore, Tekla DMS has automation that eases fault management. The information and the functionalities help in more precise and versatile low voltage network management, says Jari Moisio, Account Manager at Tekla.
The Tekla DMS extension will be introduced at Helen Sähköverkko Oy at the beginning of 2012. The company will replace all remaining electricity meters with smart meters in the Helsinki area by the end of 2012. 
The timing of the acquisition is special as this year marks the twentieth anniversary of Tekla's and Helsingin Energia Oy's (the group company of Helen Sähköverkko Oy) cooperation. Helsingin Energia acquired its first Tekla solution in the fall of 1991 when the company recognized a need to gain more and higher quality information about its electricity distribution network.
- Our cooperation has tightened throughout the years, and both parties are still very active. We have a solid foundation on which it is good to build also in the future, points out Pekka Hämäläinen, Segment Director of Energy Distribution from Tekla.
Additional information:
Jari Moisio
Account Manager, Tekla Infra & Energy
Tel. +358 50 372 8028
Jari Martikainen
Manager of Network Information Management, Helen Sähköverkko Oy
Tel. +358 40 577 2117


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