Tekla News for Infrastructure and Energy industries - Spring 2013

Welcome to Tekla News, a newsletter for Infrastructure & Energy industries. In this issue, we have gathered together current news and information on Tekla Solutions, energy distribution, public administration and civil engineering.


Powerful Network Investment Management

We have developed a solution for the investment management challenges electricity utilities are facing. Network Investment Management is a powerful application for comprehensive management of network investments from planning to monitoring and analyses.

With the new application, the information needed to manage network investments is available in a single location. Consequently the information remains up to date and fully reliable, and can be utilized when planning network investments.

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Supporting Building Projects

A building project involves numerous stages and participants. With the help of our new application, municipalities can offer their customers an electronic service to support building processes throughout the entire building project.
Tekla eServices, Building Support application utilizes spatial data and makes building project management more efficient by enabling communication between the project parties in matters related to permits, building inspections and surveys. Also planners, foremen, and other people in charge, neighbors and authors of statements can easily play their part within the building project.

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Tekla Civil under Trimble HCC Software Business

The model-based civil engineering design software Tekla Civil is now part of our parent company Trimble’s Heavy Civil Construction business. The change took place at the beginning of 2013.

Trimble Heavy Civil Construction (HCC) is the global market leader in providing technology and solutions to the site development and linear infrastructure construction market. By transferring Tekla Civil under Trimble HCC, the organizations strengthen their position on the civil engineering software market and move towards the vision of supporting the planning−design−construction continuum by incorporating both field and office products and solutions.


Tekla Delivers Software Solution for AS Tallinna Vesi

AS Tallinna Vesi in Estonia upgrades and renews its water and wastewater network management with Tekla Solution for water utilities. Tallinna Vesi will manage its network assets in Tallinn and the neighboring municipalities with network information system Tekla NIS, which enables integrated use of network, maintenance and CRM data, and facilitates better management of Tallinna Vesi’s water and wastewater network.

Tallinna Vesi invited public tenders for a network information system, and after consideration of bids from several market leading providers, awarded the winning bid to us. The contract was signed at the end of February, and the system will be in operation by the end of 2013.

Read more about Tallinna Vesi deal on the press release >


Meet Mölndal Municipality − Our Reference Customer

Mölndal municipality on the west-coast of Sweden has over 60 000 residents and is the third largest municipality in the region of Västra Götaland. Mölndal has been our customer since 1998. Today the municipality uses Tekla Solution for municipalities. Also the city’s energy company and water and wastewater service use our solutions.

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Customers Value Reliability and Partnership

In the fall of 2012, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey to assess our performance and need for development as a customer oriented professional partner. The survey was sent by email to over 2,000 Tekla Infra & Energy business area’s customers. Over 600 responded to the survey, resulting in a response rate of 28%.

We have been very successful in a number of individual factors in our operations. Our customers, for instance, ranked reliability and partnership among the most successful factors. We continue to develop our operations on the basis of the customer satisfaction survey results, focusing on the issues our customers consider important.

Thank you for taking part in our survey!

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Appointments in Tekla Infra & Energy

  • Niklas Aresjö has been appointed as Sales Manager with responsibilities for Infra & Energy sales activities in Sweden and Norway.
  • In addition to his current role, Account Manager Peter Lindmark has taken the responsibility for coordinating Infra & Energy marketing activities in Sweden and Norway.
  • Hannah Wallgren-Ulfin has been appointed as Service Manager, and is responsible for all Infra & Energy Service and Customer Support activities in Sweden and Norway.
  • Maria Borg, a Team leader for Infra & Energy Customer Support, has taken the responsibility for the Infra & Energy team working with Helpdesk, local applications and trainings & license deliveries.

Tekla employees’ email addresses: firstname.lastname@tekla.com.


Events - Future and Past

Future events:

  • We will take part in CIRED 2013 at the Kistamässan in Kista, Stockholm on June 10–13.

CIRED is a major International Electricity Conference & Exhibition, and the leading forum for the Electricity Distribution Community to meet every two years. The event is held in various venues in Europe, with a world-wide perspective and participation. The CIRED 2013 held in Stockholm, Sweden is the 22nd conference in the series.

Past events:

  • Tekla Infra & Energy's Swedish user days Tekla Användarträff 2013 took place in Lillehammer, Norway on May 28–29. The event was co-hosted with Sør Aurdal Energi AS and brought together nearly 100 Teklans and our valued customers.

Visit our event page for all global events posted on the Tekla International site. For more events, visit our Finnish, German and Swedish event pages.

Thank you for all participants – future and past!


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