Tekla News for Building & Construction Season's Greetings 2014

Tekla Global BIM Awards 2014 Total BIM winner OP-Pohjola headqurtersIn media, end of the year is full of lists of the past year’s top stories and this Tekla News for Building & Construction is not different: We highlight the best of BIM with Tekla Global BIM Awards 2014 winners. This issue also stretches back to older favorites to see how these projects have progressed. The end of the year is also the time to look to the future – and better future is exactly the reason why we promote learning, be it webinars or sharing best education practices. 


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Highlights of 2014: Tekla Global BIM Awards Winners

A jury of international BIM experts has chosen the winners of Tekla Global BIM Awards. The best Total BIM project was the OP-Pohjola headquarters, a multimaterial building with a complex, sloped precast concrete and glass façade. The project parties used models for clash checking and design quality control, hole reservation modeling and visualizations, and for object-based quantity-takeoff and site coordination.

Steel winner Singapore Sports HubThe Singapore Sports Hub roof by Arup received the Steel award. A span of 310 meters makes it the largest free-spanning dome in the world and thanks to collaborative design, it is highly buildable, efficient and sophisticated.

The Structural Engineering winner was the multifunctional Torun Concert Hall in Poland by Fort Polska. The geometrically complex hall consists of modules and has inclined load-bearing concrete walls below partially movable ceilings made of hundreds of polymorph faces angled together.

The River Vantaanjoki Bridge in Finland by Siltanylund and Destia was the best Cast in Place project. In addition to CIP structures and reinforcement, BIM was utilized for roads, earthworks, checking and approval process and on site.

The Precast winner was the Mons railway station garage in Belgium by Hurks delphi engineering, who flawlessly cast the complex frame and wall element shapes – communicating fabrication information directly from Tekla software to production.  

The winner of the public vote was the 2010-meter cable-stayed Cao Lanh Bridge in Vietnam while the in Student category the winner was a team of Architectural Engineering students from Chosun University, South Korea, modeling an 85 story steel and concrete building. 

More information about the competition, winners and other entries is available at the competition website.

Project Puuvilla: 10,000 precast elements delivered on time and error free

One hundred years ago the Porin Puuvilla factory in Pori, Finland produced cotton. In this October it reopened as a shopping center combining old and new structures and housing retail, office, warehouse and parking space.

Collaboration using common Precast Modeling Guideline enabled precast delivery at record speed and without errors. Status management kept everybody in design, fabrication and construction informed.

One of the 13 project parties who utilized BIM extensively in the design and construction process was Parma who was in charge of precast structures. Puuvilla was a big job: With two contracting detailing offices, seven factories and two assembly subcontractors Parma delivered about 10,000 precast units.

The team utilized BIM from the bidding stage. The two contracting offices, A-Insinöörit and Narmaplan, created together an information-rich Tekla model with zero dimensional mistakes. A crucial success factor for this was the Finnish Precast Industry’s Modeling Instructions (BEC 2012), although it primarily supports fabrication facilities and site work. 

The project schedule was busy, but Parma tackled it by using model information in design, detailing and production status management. For production, information about the elements’ materials, formwork and quantities was available in the models before the element drawings were ready, which benefited material purchase. On site, the framework installation proceeded at a record speed as the rich model information kept the site crew informed.

Puuvilla won the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2013 Total BIM category.

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Global BIM Collaboration Creates the Massive Baku Stadium

The Olympic stadium in Baku showcases the speed and design quality that BIM can provide. The truly global team designed and build the 68,000-seat, retractable roof stadium that is scheduled for delivery in just two months.

A truly global project like the Baku Olympic Stadium craves good information exchange with BIM. The project was voted tTekfen Engineering and Sdeng's accurate, information-rich Tekla model includes architectural, structural & mechanical data. he public favorite in the Tekla Global BIM Awards in 2013.

In New York Thornton Tomasetti, the structural engineer, utilized Tekla software in design achieving accuracy in their approach. Under the leadership of Tekfen Engineering in Istanbul with contribution of Sdeng in Volos, Greece, the project team created detailed, information-rich Tekla models that served as the information source for creating the fabrication drawings. Precast, reinforced concrete, main and secondary steel structures were all modeled using Tekla Structures.

With models storing a wealth of information, it was natural to utilize them for construction: The site crew used Tekla BIMsight for 3D model review and notes.

Baku Olympic Stadium was the public vote favorite in the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2013.

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Creating and detailing mesh reinforcements more efficiently

Tekla has published a new, improved extension called Mesh bars. It substitutes the old Slab bars component that has been popular for modeling concrete-related structures. The Mesh bars component greatly improves the usability and reliability and includes several new functionalities.

One of the new functionalities is Step tapering that automates reinforcing inclined edges of slabs and walls, thus making modeling much more efficient. Additionally, new features automate and improve modeling of reinforcement for example in parts such as narrow concrete parts next to wall or floor openings and around wall and slab openings.

The Mesh bars installation package also includes the new Mesh bars by area component that enables user friendly, effective creation and modification of area specific mesh reinforcements. Mesh bars by area utilizes Tekla’s intuitive Direct Modification functionality that improves modeling of different types of reinforcements substantially, making the detailing and modification of any shape of reinforcement much easier and more efficient than ever before.

Mesh bars is available for customers in Maintenance at the Tekla Extranet

Directing future BIM education in South East Asia

In October, Tekla hosted the first Authorized Training Center Symposium that brought together universities and other BIM educators and industry thought leaders from South East Asian countries for best practice sharing and mutual learning.

At the Symposium, the academies showcased their BIM education efforts, while roundtable discussions promoted best practices and helped the participants align learning outcomes with the latest industry trends.

- “This is the first time we are bringing together all the Authorized Training Centers in the region to connect and learn from each other. The experience and best practices that the educational institutions, industry associations, and Tekla have learnt is invaluable, and will surely help drive the future direction of our educational efforts,” said Michael Evans, Education & Key Account Segment Director, Tekla.

- "Teaching our students how to use the actual tools will help address the demand for BIM-skilled graduates, while increasing graduates’ employability at the same time,” Evans added.

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January Wednesday webinar: Making the most of integrating modeling and plant design software

Companies who specialize in engineering, detailing and fabrication of EPC and Offshore projects are facing toughening competition on the globalized market. This has lead to tighter design schedules and quality requirements during the whole project lifecycle.

Join the free webinar on Wednesday 14 January to learn how global companies utilize Tekla throughout and see new tools for linking with plant design software such as PDMS and Smart3d.

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