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Special recognition in Tekla Global BIM Awards 2016 - Izmit bridge In today’s construction industry, efficiency and collaboration are buzzing. Amazing projects are built faster, such as in case of Thales Campus, the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2016 winner. And when it comes to collaboration, the same competition saw two alliances and a multi-discipline student team winning categories. And the rest of this autumn issue of Tekla News is all about partnership.

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PS. If you have a valid Maintenance contract, don’t forget to download the new Tekla Structures 2016i and Tekla Structural Designer 2016i!

In this issue:

The Best of BIM 2016: Tekla Global BIM Awards Winners

Thales Campus by GA, the Best BIM Project of 2016This year 73 winners of local Tekla BIM Awards from around the world competed for the global prize, demonstrating the advancement of BIM and construction. In early September, a jury of industry experts chose seven category winners, focusing on qualities such as constructability, complexity in modeling, innovative use of BIM and collaboration.

The 2016 Tekla Global BIM Awards categories and winners:

Best BIM Project of 2016 and Best Commercial Project: Campus Thales Bordeaux, France, by GA group. Construction of this office complex for 2500 employees took only 18 months thanks to error-free information available at the right time.
Best Public Project: JUST, a new social and healthcare center in Järvenpää, Finland, by the JUST Alliance. In this multi-material project, all disciplines used BIM for a wide range of activities.
Best Industrial Project: The Warehouse’s SIDC Extension, outside Christchurch, New Zealand, by Holmes Consulting Group. The team used a point cloud and models to match virtually the new and existing structures of the extension.
Best Infrastructure Project: Ordsall Chord, in Manchester, UK, by the Northern Hub Alliance, is a 300-meter railway connecting central Manchester railway stations and including a new viaduct that fits in with a historical bridge from 1830.
Best Sports & Recreation Project: Sportcampus Zuiderpark in The Hague, the Netherlands, by Oostingh Staalbouw Katwijk, was designed by a team of 15 designers working in three different locations using Tekla Model Sharing.
Best Small Project: Euler canopy in Paris by Viry (Fayat Group). The canopy has no vertical columns, which made the erection phase of the small but challenging structure difficult.
Best Student Project: Model of Lodz City Gate, Poland, by students of Lodz University of Technology.
Special Recognition:  Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge, Turkey, modeled and fabricated by CIMTAS. It is the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world.
Public Vote Winner: Eversendai's Midfield Terminal Complex on the new Abu Dhabi airport terminal was the most popular project of 2016.

Stay tuned for more about the Tekla Global BIM Awards winners!

Tekla Structures 2016i – what’s new?

We have continued listening to our customers when developing the new Tekla Structures 2016i. Customers’ wishes included new functionalities to the user interface. For example, the ribbon can now be customized to personalize the software and make it suit the way you work.

When it comes to Tekla Model Sharing, the new role-based access rights make managing the editing rights of a project participant easier while the new organization locks protect work. Enhancements on hatching, reference models in drawings and printing make it easier to create plans and construction drawings and also to clarify and annotate drawings with manual details.

  • Read more about what’s new for structural steel, precast and cast in place concrete and structural engineering


Tekla Structural Designer 2016i: Improvements and new functionalities

The new Tekla Structural Designer 2016i now brings an expanded range of foundations types with improvements in pile and mat foundations to British Standards, Eurocodes and US codes. For Indian codes, there are now pad and strip footings. This brings greater flexibility, speed and productivity for structural engineers designing foundations. Also s eismic design is enhancing, for example with additional design checks for steel structures. Tekla Structural Designer 2016i can now be used more extensively around the globe than its predecessors.






Doka 3D formwork components available in Tekla Warehouse

Doka is one of the world’s leading companies for modern formwork systems. Now 3D components for some of their most popular wall and floor systems are available in Tekla Warehouse, the free online content and applications storage for  Tekla Structures, so users can download constructible 3D components directly into their models.

“For concrete contractors, the ability to download Doka components directly into the project is a significant improvement in efficiency. These components enable quantifying and planning of formwork layouts. It is also easy to coordinate the formwork with other work. Because components are provided directly from Doka and are full of information such as catalogue numbers, the models provide for the utmost accuracy and efficiency for formwork planning,” says Trimble’s Business Development Manager Andy Dickey.

CADMATIC and Tekla Structures: Interoperability enables better projects

Communication, planning and coordination with a visual, 3D model-based design tool can bring many advantages, such as cost efficiency and improved safety, into construction workflow and processes.

Interoperability of CADMATIC, the software for engineering in marine and process plant industries, and Tekla Structures now allow access to up-to-date information anywhere at any time. Native IFC interface between CADMATIC and Tekla Structures enables fluent information share with combining the structural steel model and plant design model. With visual model-based design, communication, planning and coordination you achieve cost efficiency, improved safety and keep the schedule for the whole industrial projects. The virtual model enables you to monitor and do risk analysis when operating the plant. Information sharing works equally well for offshore and onshore plants.

Tekla and Unitechnik: Free exchange of information for precast industry

Trimble and Unitechnik share the goal of driving efficient, free exchange of information in the precast industry. Tekla Structures has become the first BIM software that supports the newest version of the Unitechnik CAD-CAM interface. In precast construction, streamlined processes and enhanced information exchange lead to increased productivity and to better precast buildings delivered on time and on budget.

-“Unitechnik’s production control system UniCAM is the centerpiece of a precast concrete factory, says Unitechnik’s Managing Director Dr. Ralf Lüning. Open Unitechnik CAD-CAM interface has formed the basis for the free exchange of information within a precast concrete plants already for 25 years.

-“An open approach to BIM has always been one of the main focus areas in the development of  Tekla Structures. We continuously work closely with our industry partners to enhance efficient exchange and easy use of accurate and rich information in Tekla model to control and manage precast production,” says Thorsten Hertel, Tekla Structures’ Product Manager at Trimble.

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