Tekla Introduces Tekla Solutions for Infrastructure and Energy Industries

25 January 2011

Tekla Corporation                                       Press release                        2011-01-25


Tekla introduces Tekla Solutions for infrastructure and energy industries

Tekla renews the commercial structure, naming and market message of the Infra & Energy business area software by introducing Tekla Solutions for customers in infrastructure and energy industries. The new Tekla Solutions offering reflects better the current customer orientation and modularity of Tekla's software for these industries as well as the common elements in the software foundation. The renewal is part of the development of Tekla's software offering to customers in energy distribution, public administration and civil engineering.

Tekla Solutions offering supports the sales, delivery and development of customer group-specific solutions - all of which Tekla already does. In addition, the renewed software offering strengthens Tekla's objective to offer its software to new customers and new types of customers both in Finland and internationally.

From a technical perspective, the renewal relates to continuous development of the reliability, interoperability and modularity of Tekla's software. It also supports the further developing of first-class support for customers' operations and processes, which has traditionally been one of Tekla's strong areas. The more coherent software foundation promotes these development areas in the long term.

The stage of customers' IT utilization varies significantly between customers and countries. Structural changes in industries (fusions/consolidation, regional co-operation, outsourcing, subcontracting) in their turn create new types of customer groups. Additionally, there are constant, big changes in software industry and technologies, e.g. self services, internet communities, standardization, open source philosophy and cloud services.

The above mentioned changes require software solutions and services to be more flexible and software companies to be able to utilize the right type of technology development efficiently to benefit both company and its customers. Tekla Solutions, the renewed software offering, support achieving these goals and strengthening Tekla's competitiveness in the software market.

Timetable and effects on current customers
The renewal will be implemented in software versions that will be launched in spring 2011. Other than naming, the renewal will not have any direct impact on the use of the software, maintenance procedures, customer support or other services for all current customers.

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