Tekla Infra & Energy utilizes the Trimble brand

Tekla Infra & Energy has begun utilizing the Trimble brand. The name of our business area is now Trimble Energy & Public Administration.

For us, the change expresses continuity. We are now unified part of Trimble’s global network and the success story based on strong investment in technology development. The Trimble brand will help us further expand our business and become a global solution provider.

As part of the change, we have adopted Trimble’s visual identity and our products have been renamed:

  • Tekla NIS is now Trimble NIS
  • Tekla GIS is now Trimble Locus
  • Tekla Feedback is now Trimble Feedback
  • Tekla DMS is now Trimble DMS
  • Tekla Webmap is now Trimble Webmap
  • Tekla eServices is now Trimble eServices
  • Tekla Communication Networks is now Trimble Communication Networks

The renewal will be implemented in the software versions published during the spring. Other than naming, the renewal will not have any direct impact on the software, maintenance procedures, customer support, or other services for our customers. The contacts and our website will also remain the same. Our e-mail addresses take the form firstname.lastname@trimble.com but our old Tekla addresses will continue to work.

Close collaboration with our customers has always been the cornerstone of our success, and our collective story as pioneers and forerunners of our industries will continue under the Trimble brand.


For further information, please contact:

Kai Lehtinen
General Manager, Trimble Energy & Public Administration
Tel. +358 40 591 2369