Tekla Infra & Energy Customer Satisfaction Survey – Results Overview

14 February 2011

Using Tekla’s system provides concrete and verifiable benefits to customer organizations 

At the end of year 2010, Tekla conducted a customer satisfaction survey in order to assess its performance and needs for development. Innolink Research Ltd was responsible for conducting the survey.

The survey was sent by e-mail to the customers of Tekla's Infra & Energy business area. The target group included 2,194 people, of whom 686 responded to the survey, resulting in a response rate of 31%.

Tekla continues to develop its operations on the basis of the results of the customer satisfaction survey, focusing on those issues that customers consider to be the most important ones.

One of the biggest changes will be introducing Tekla Solutions software offering to the market. The new commercial structure and naming reflect better the customer orientation and modularity of the software as well as the common elements in the software foundation. The renewal is part of the development of Tekla’s software offering to customers in energy distribution, public administration and civil engineering. 
Read more about the renewal in our press release.

Customers are satisfied with systems and operations
Satisfaction with Infra & Energy’s operations has remained at the same, high level as before, as can be stated on the basis of the previous survey.

In all, 81% of customers are satisfied or very satisfied with Infra & Enegy’s operations in general. 18% are partly satisfied and partly dissatisfied. Only 1% of customers are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.

In all, 73% of customers are very satisfied or satisfied with the Tekla systems used in their organization. In addition, 25% are partly satisfied and partly dissatisfied. The share of dissatisfied and very dissatisfied customers is only 1% of the respondents.

Customers recommend Tekla
A total of 89% of customers would certainly or probably recommend cooperation with Tekla. Only 5% would not recommend or would probably not recommend Tekla as a cooperation partner. The remaining 6% of respondents were unable to say.

Success factors
Tekla has been extremely successful as compared to customer expectations with regard to a number of individual factors in its operations. For instance, customers ranked the following among the most successful factors:

  • I have a good relationship with the representatives of the system provider that I am in contact with
  • Using the system provides concrete and verifiable benefits to our organization
  • The software significantly assists me in my work
  • The system provider offers a good support service
  • The system provider has a good reputation

Additional information:
Maria Nivala, Account Manager, Innolink Research Ltd
Tel. +358 50 326 0866

Natasa Anttila-Rautio, Marketing Manager, Tekla Infra & Energy
Tel. +358 400 641 189