Tekla Feedback Adopted by City of Espoo – Whole Feedback Process in One Application

8 May 2012

Tekla Corporation                                       Press release                        8.5.2012


Tekla Feedback adopted by the City of Espoo – whole feedback process in one application

The City of Espoo has adopted Tekla Feedback, a web service application utilizing geographic information. The service is on the City of Espoo’s website, and feedback can be given on any city sector. Tekla Feedback supports the whole process of giving, handling, responding to and publishing customer feedback. It also benefits the city management by providing reports on the quantity, contents and response time of feedback.

–  Electronic feedback from the citizens is automatically assigned to appropriate responsible persons. A uniform Tekla Feedback service common for all city sectors empowers and speeds up the feedback process. Sending feedback to your city is easy and simple, regardless of the sphere of authority your feedback concerns, says Software Manager Jukka Vänttinen from Tekla.

The user starts by selecting the correct city service sector in Tekla Feedback user interface. In the feedback service of the City of Espoo, the user can select, for example, social, cultural or senior citizen services, health care, roads and traffic, or housing, building and town planning. Tekla customizes the list of available sectors according to the needs of the customer.

Tekla Feedback has been developed in active interaction with Tekla’s customers over the past years and has now been implemented in several municipalities.

– We have constantly enhanced service features such as reporting, user access rights, and feedback processing. Investing in the training of the people who work with the system, classification of feedback and extensive online instructions for the users ensure that the feedback system is simple and logical for both feedback givers and the people processing feedback, says Vänttinen.

The feedback system is based on geographic information, so users can mark the location of their feedback on a map. There is no need to remember exact street addresses. Geographic information helps the authorities discover regional problems and accelerates allocation of any maintenance routines.

Users can log in the feedback system and follow the processing of their feedback. They can also give permission to publish the feedback, in which case both the feedback and received answer will be visible to the public. Tekla Feedback also supports iPad and other tablet devices.

The City of Espoo feedback service is available here

The City of Espoo newsletter is available here

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