Tekla to Deliver a Solution for the Long-Term Planning of Fortum's Electricity Distribution Network

1 September 2011


Tekla Oyj                               Press release                                 September 1, 2011


Tekla to deliver a solution for the long-term planning of Fortum's electricity distribution network

Tekla will deliver a Tekla Solution for long-term planning of Fortum's electricity distribution network. Tekla's software solution includes tools for effective planning of network renewal. These tools are used in analyzing the reliability of the grid as well as calculation of life cycle costs. The deal is topical, as most of the distribution network in Finland has been constructed in the 1960's and 1970's, and there is a concrete need for modernizing the network.

- The agreement has enabled us to start cooperation with Fortum and their experts to support us in developing our solutions for energy distribution further, says Pekka Hämäläinen, Director of Energy Distribution in Tekla.

- Electricity distribution is a regulated business. In all of our activities, our aim is to achieve the best possible result within the limits of regulations. One of our focus areas is, among others, to ensure the quality and reliability of electricity supply in our network. As the network is ageing and there is a growing need for replacement investments, the planning of network must be considered comprehensively. This ensures that the network will meet future requirements, says Mikael Mickelsson, the Head of Processes and Applications in Fortum's Electricity Solutions and Distribution Division.

- We know the current state of the distribution network, but the distribution network reliability analysis and life cycle cost calculation tools included in Tekla's solution provide us with more efficiently accurate information regarding the results of the planned changes. Investments can be allocated in the best possible way, and at the same time we can rationalize the planning process itself. From the basis of the analyzed data, we can draw good plans regarding the target network: that is, the model which represents how we see our distribution network in 10-30 years.

Tekla's tools for reliability analysis are used in making calculations for both present and future networks. The tools can be used in both making calculations and comparative studies between different network scenarios. Development of the solution under delivery is based on Tekla's active participation in research projects in the field, as well as on long-term and constant development work done in cooperation with the customers.

Sales Manager Jukka Leppänen from Tekla tells that the information provided by the solution shows the weak points of the network as well as the most probable problem areas. From the basis of this information it is possible to make alternative investment plans and choose the most optimal plan. The solution enables, for instance, reducing of the amount of disturbances in end users' electricity distribution as well as localizing disturbances to more specific areas.

Fortum owns, operates and develops local and regional distribution networks and is responsible for the supply of electricity to a total of 1.6 million customers in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia. The recently purchased Tekla's solution will be introduced in Finland and Sweden, which covers more than 1.5 million customers. In 2010, the total value of Fortum's investments in power-distribution networks was 213 million euros.

Additional information:

Pekka Hämäläinen
Director, Energy Distribution, Tekla Infra & Energy
Tel.+ 358 400 44 6116

Jukka Leppänen
Sales Manager, Tekla Infra & Energy
Tel. +358 40 518 8016

Mikael Mickelsson
Head of Processes and Applications, Asset Management and Design, Fortum Electricity Solutions and Distribution Division
Tel. +358 50 455 7379

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