A Sneak Preview to Tekla Structures 18

1 March 2012

 In a few short weeks, your days spent in the office with Tekla software may be a bit different. Modeling complex shapes may feel easier than before. In Tekla, we predict that you might well be able to leave a bit earlier or spend your time on other interesting projects, as you will have a chance to finish many tasks in less time. 

If you wish, you can have a more smooth-running workflow in collaboration with some of your partners, as DSTV connectivity to CNC machinery and precast machinery are enhanced. In addition, Tekla software will soon be doing more for you. For example, highly automated drawing creation means less need to rework drawings, and with a better view reliability than ever before, you will spend less time checking them. And soon you can build on your past work as with the reinforcing bar shape catalog. 

The new Tekla Structures 18 will soon be available for download.