Precast Study Trip: A tour to Modern Concrete Construction

To deeply understand the construction industry and the business of its customers, also a software producer should frequently put on safety boots and get to the site or the factory together with those who use the solutions. That is why Trimble wanted hosted this September the annual precast study for about thirty precast construction professionals from Asia and the Central America.

The trip introduced the group to fabrication facilities and construction sites around Southern Finland, without forgetting the digital tools of the trade.  The tour took us to the factories of Consolis, Pintos, Elematic and SBS-Suutarinen, and the construction site of Tampere University Hospital, where we were hosted by the engineering office A-Insinöörit.

But why travel all the way from South East Asia to Finland? Mr. Louis Tay, CEO of the Malaysian mesh specialist Ply Tec Formwork Industries, sees BIM as a way to add value to their services. And according to Mr. An Nguyen Van, Vice General Director of the Vietnamese Hoa Binh, precast concrete is not at the moment very commonly used in construction, but because precast construction is faster and efficient, it will grow in importance as a construction material. That is why his company seeks expertize in precast construction and aims to becoming a frontrunner.

Study trips like this provide good times, but also more: There is an opportunity to learn from the others, face-to-face, about the advanced methods of construction, effective precast process standardization, BIM, information technology and machine automation. All these play a part in driving productivity in precast fabrication and construction.

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