Nordic BIM Forum - in the Spirit of BIM

Scan the Terrain, Turn It Into a Point Cloud and Make It a Part of Your Model - Trimble Devices in Partner Exhibition
16 May 2012

In practice the Nordic BIM Forum in Tallinn, Estonia, on 10-11 May meant two days of sharing experiences, ideas, visions, conversations, and challenges related to BIM. The Forum gathered about 120 participants. Surprisingly, the event was truly international instead of Nordic as 12 nations were present with attendees also from for example Australia, the Netherlands, and Hungary. 

Scan the terrain, turn it into a point cloud and make it a part of your model - Trimble devices in partner exhibition.

The speakers covered quite a variety of topics during the Tekla Nordic BIM Forum, which was now organized for the first time.
For example, Celsa Steel Service Sweden told about a new BIM user’s experiences from the reinforcement supplier point of view, and BIM in precast fabrication was covered by Parma from Finland. Both the contractors and subcontractors gave their presentations about BIM as did the property owners, too.

The participants heard about several interesting BIM projects, for instance IFC use in the huge hospital construction project of Karolinska Sjukhuset in Stockholm, Sweden and building the new Terminal 2 for Oslo’s Gardemoen Airport. The airport remains fully functional during the construction which sets the project parties some extra logistics and other challenges. 

In the keynote presentation, Skanska´s Global BIM Competence Center leader Ilkka Romo took the audience to Manskun Rasti, the new Skanska Finland head office. Manskun Rasti is a BIM project from terrain to MEP and site safety. It is the winner of Tekla Global BIM Awards in 2011, so the presentation gave a good tour to the top of the BIM.

To sum up the two days:  The Forum was a wide-ranging and varied BIM show which participants left  with a clearer idea of BIM and trends in the business.