The new Louis Vuitton art museum in Paris: Built with Innovative BIM

Unique Building Information Modeling

The  magnificent Louis Vuitton art Museum of contemporary art designed by Gehry Partners has just opened to the public in the Bois de Boulogne park close to Paris. Tekla's Building Information Modeling (BIM) software was used in the design and implementation of the irregular shapes of the unique museum.

Gehry Partners' style is manifested in the building's varied, highly complex geometry. The core of the museum features "icebergs" built  of several materials including steel and laminated wood, which support a structure of twelve sail-shaped glass panels on the museum's roof. The curved and angled sails reflect views of the park and the skyline of Paris.

Highly demanding structures

Constructing the 11,600-square-meter (125,000-sq.-ft.) building demanded innovative technology at every stage of the project. Due to the challenging shapes of the museum's structures, the only way to complete the project was to use information-rich, accurate 3D models in collaboration with several different parties. BDS VirCon, the designer of the museum's steel structures, had the expertise to utilize Tekla's Building Information Modeling software very effectively.

During the project, old-fashioned structural drawings were only used to manufacture and install certain parts of the building. The rest of the information was based on information models, which were produced and distributed to project members around the world.

Several international awards 

The Louis Vuitton museum received the prestigious American Institute of Architects' BIM Excellence Award in 2012 for its exceptionally extensive use of BIM at all stages of the project. The project also saw success at the Tekla Global BIM Awards, where one of the sub-projects was awarded Special Recognition in 2012 and one part won the Tekla UK BIM Award in 2013.


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