KGS Group Benefited from Modeling Cast in Place with Tekla from the Beginning

16 April 2013

When Manitoba Hydro asked KGS group to design the replacement of the hundred year old Pointe du Bois Generating Station spillway, KGS selected Tekla as the optimum tool to perform cast-in-place concrete modeling and deliver construction drawings. This was KGS’ first Cast in Place concrete modeling project using Tekla. 

-“Tekla was actually much simpler and user friendly solution than I expected, I am certainly a fan of Tekla Structures for CIP and steel design work,” says Donovan Kroeker, Senior Structural Engineer, from KGS Group. 

The company benefited from the beginning to the end from including all possible information in the model. KGS had to take into account the existing structures and the project included major earthworks. The team used several topographic models from Civil 3D and scans and point clouds for planning.

KGS modeled every single piece of reinforcing steel with Tekla. The first benefit they experienced was the accuracy of modeling the rebar, and the second was pin pointing clashes early and effectively. Otherwise these could have caused design delays or worse, issues more difficult and expensive to solve on the construction site. 

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