Cimolai Chooses a ‘WIN–BIM’ Strategy with Tekla

27 January 2011

Italian steel manufacturer Cimolai has invested in a long-term improvement of their structural engineering processes by choosing Tekla software to implement BIM (Building Information Modeling) in the company. Harpaceas, an exclusive Tekla reseller in Italy, recently signed an agreement to replace Cimolai’s current structural design and detailing software licenses with Tekla Structures BIM software licenses.

Cimolai S.p.A. is recognized as one of leading steel manufacturers in Italy and abroad, having been involved in the steelwork industry for more than sixty years. They are specialized in manufacturing bridges and viaducts, industrial and civil buildings, military infrastructures, typical and special plate girders for the off-shore and ship building industries, stainless steel bulkheads for chemical tankers polygonal and cylindrical poles for telecommunication and power lines, pipes of great diameter and wall thickness, as well as ship hulls.

Ennio Picco, technical director at Cimolai, said: “Tekla BIM software allows us to improve the management of the entire project process, from the initial conceptual design to the construction deployment of all structures. Consequently, it allows us to maintain our market leadership, providing our clients a comprehensive high engineering content and quality, too. We believe that Tekla BIM facilitates the management of the entire design and construction of a contract because it allows complete control of external interfaces and internal interactions among the various business sectors concerned. Tekla Structures software has proved to be open and customizable, ensuring the necessary flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of each project and each customer without losing our potential.”

Technical director at Harpaceas, Paolo Odorizzi, said: “Design process-oriented building information modeling is the procedure that more than anything else will be able to improve productivity and profitability in companies like Cimolai, who are a leader in the design of steel construction and infrastructures. I have personally found that this conviction has already been established and applied at Cimolai who, through the use of competing 3D programs, had already gone down this innovative road. Harpaceas have driven the transition of Cimolai to BIM processes and worked closely to help streamline those further, including the aspect of collaboration. We are very happy about the confidence that they are now showing towards Tekla. With this deal Harpaceas with Tekla reinforces our position as a BIM solution provider in Italy.”

For more information, please contact:

Paolo Odorizzi, Harpaceas Technical Director; tel. +39 02 891741, e-mail:

Ennio Picco, Cimolai Technical Director; tel. + 39 0434 5581, e-mail:

Cimolai S.p.A was founded in 1949 by Armando Cimolai, who with his wife Albina, after experience as a laborer, opened a small laboratory for the production of steel gates and windows. These were the first years after the Second World War, and the ‘want-to-do’ spirit marked the lives of Armando and Albina in finding a position in the working world. Not so many years elapsed before the first development of industrial type took place and their activity was transferred to Viale Grigoletti in 1954. Fabrication of the first structures for industrial buildings started, and the first projects from public entities, such as ENEL, were awarded to the company. The effort in terms of design should be underlined, as their in-house design office conferred a new image to the company; they were no longer a mere fabricator but a specialized supplier, who could study and propose alternative solutions and establish the functionality of a project. This capacity, at the service of their clients, has since been the distinguishing element that has allowed Cimolai to grow and successfully tackle great engineering challenges. More information

Harpaceas s.r.l, founded in the late 1980s by an idea of a group of structural and civil engineers, is an ideal technological partner for all the players of architectural and civil engineering market. More than 25 employees at Harpaceas, most of them architects and civil engineers, can offer customers a wide range of services, such as training, technical support, and consultancy, to support them in the best way possible to use a chosen software. Harpaceas is known as an exclusive Tekla reseller since 2002 and a pioneer of BIM evangelization in Italy. More information at