Chameleon Voted as the Best Tekla Structures BIM Software Application

In the Tekla Open API competition, all kinds of Tekla Structures applications created by users and developers compete against each other. The winners of 2016 Open API Competition are Chris Carasone and his tool Chameleon. The purpose of Chameleon is to change a single user-defined attribute (UDA).

Visit Tekla Discussion Forum to learn more about the Chameleon and other applications that participated in the competition. Please note that you need a valid Tekla Maintenance contract for accessing the forum.

What is Tekla Open API?

Tekla Structures users can produce their own applications when they feel they want something more than what is already available. With Tekla Open API™ (Application Programming Interface), these applications can integrate and communicate within the Tekla modeling environment.  Additionally, Tekla Open API provides an interface for third party applications to interact with model and drawing objects in Tekla Structures.