CADMATIC and Tekla Structures: Interoperability enables better projects

Communication, planning and coordination with a visual, 3D model-based design tool can bring many advantages, such as cost efficiency and improved safety, into construction workflow and processes.

Interoperability of CADMATIC, the software for engineering in marine and process plant industries, and Tekla Structures now allow access to up-to-date information anywhere at any time. Native IFC interface between CADMATIC and Tekla Structures enables fluent information share with combining the structural steel model and plant design model. With visual model-based design, communication, planning and coordination you achieve cost efficiency, improved safety and keep the schedule for the whole industrial projects. The virtual model enables you to monitor and do risk analysis when operating the plant. Information sharing works equally well for offshore and onshore plants.

Plant and Offshore Design Seminar by Trimble and CADMATIC

Trimble Solutions Middle East and CADMATIC are proud to present a joint Industrial seminar on 12 April 2017 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

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