Appointments in Tekla Infra & Energy

2 November 2012

Tekla is continuously developing its business operations in order to provide high quality products and services for the customers in infrastructure and energy industries. Renewing the Infra & Energy business area organization is part of the continuous operative development and relates to the new business development initiative described in a separate bulletin.

The following appointments have taken place in the Infra & Energy organization:

  • Director, Product Development, NIS                                  Marko Rautapää
  • Director, Product Development, GIS                                  Jukka Vänttinen
  • Marketing Manager, Infra & Energy                                   Ari Katajamäki
  • Development Manager, Infra & Energy                              Natasa Anttila-Rautio
  • Product Management Manager, NIS                                   Mari Erälahti
  • Senior Business Development Manager, Energy & Water   Juha Haikonen


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