Precast Study Trip 2019

Trimble would like to welcome precast detailers and producers from around the world to an annual study trip into European precast industry.

The seventh consecutive excursion takes us to Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands where nation’s leading precast companies offer you a practical insight into their BIM-based processes, productivity gains through precast product standardization and automated production. We will also introduce you to a variety of precast products and technical details used in Europe.

Join us for a 4-day study trip on second week of September 2019 to get new ideas and to network and build new relationships with the precast professionals around the world.

The language of the event is English. The study trip is free of charge, but participants cover their own flight and accommodation costs.

The study trip offers:

  • Thorough presentations about design and detailing processes using BIM and collaboration software tools between project parties
  • Factory tours showcasing different processes and different products/production lines
  • Introduction to benefits of BIM based processes, product standardization and automated precast production systems by experienced precast professionals 
  • A chance for dialogue with top precast producers and design managers as well as with other trip participants


These are some of our confirmed visit hosts. We will update the list closer to the date.



Loe Betongelementer AS

Loe Betongelementer AS is one of Norway's leading suppliers of prefabricated concrete elements. With production both in Hokksund and in Skien, there is a short distance to central areas in Eastern and Southern Norway. Loe Betongelementer AS produces prefabricated concrete elements and steel structures for residential, industrial, business and office buildings as well as bridges. Loe Betongelementer has used Tekla Structures since 2004 in their operations.
Read more about how Loe Betongelementer integrates Tekla Structures to their workflow.



Spenncon AS 

Spenncon was established in 1961 as Forspent Betong in Hønefoss, Norway. Today, Spenncon has four factories in central regions in Norway, sales of about NOK 1.0 billion and more than 500 employees. The four factories are located in Hønefoss, Hjørungavåg, Verdal and in Sandnes. They produce structural precast elements, for example hollow-core slabs.
Spenncon AS is owned by Consolis SAS. Consolis is the world's leading supplier of prefabricated concrete elements. With over 100 years of experience and 10,000 employees in locations in 28 countries, Consolis has a strong market position and a total turnover of about EUR 1.8 billion.



Byldis (formerly Hurks) has around 360 employees and has been awarded hundreds of millions in sales in recent years with the construction projects of residential towers in London.

Byldis is specialised in complex precast with untypical shapes and surfaces. At the factory, they produce both architectural and structural precast, such as wall panels, beams and columns. The elements are for buildings, such as landmark public or commercial projects but also infrastructure projects such as bridges. Complete façade elements are produced in Veldhoven and shipped to site. 

They use production machinery and software from Progress group alongside Tekla Structures.

See some projects participating in Tekla BIM Awards: London City Islands & Gare de Mons



Ergon was established as a manufacturer of precast and prestressed concrete in Lier, Belgium in 1963, and has grown since that time into one of the major producers in Europe with production plants in Belgium, Holland, France, Poland, Romania and Ireland.

Ergon provides a total building system in precast concrete, both reinforced and prestressed. The company has in-house design, fabrication, delivery and erection processes. Ergon has a very large production capacity and it specializes in structural concrete such as beams, columns, floor slabs and different types of wall panels. The plant has automated floor slab production.

The activities cover industrial, administrative and residential buildings, tower-blocks and commercial buildings.  They also offer support for civil construction works and special projects.

Ergon became part of the CRH group of companies in 2003 and has strengthened its share in the European structural concrete market since that time through the development of high strength materials, advanced manufacturing techniques and innovative design solutions. This has resulted in the completion of several high rise buildings, between twenty and forty storeys, in the Benelux countries in precast concrete in the past few years.

See some projects participating in Tekla BIM Awards: KV Oostende

Study trip takes place on 9th - 12th September (please plan to arrive on 8th September).
More detailed information will be published later.

Preliminary agenda

Arrive in Norway on Sunday September 8th.

Day 1 
9th Sep.

Trimble seminar – Introduction & Trimble offering

Presentation and factory tour (Norway)

Day 2
10th Sep.

Presentation and factory tour (Norway)

Flight to the Netherlands/Belgium 

Day 3
11th Sep.

Presentation and factory tour (Belgium or the Netherlands)

Day 4
12th Sep.

Presentation and factory tour (Belgium or the Netherlands)

Study trip ends


Highly recommended: 
Over 95% of attendees would recommend Precast Study Trip to a colleague.



Precast study trip attendee 2016

“Very useful, a really good mix of seeing Tekla Structures being used to make companies more efficient, combined with learning how precast is manufactured in Europe, really a good experience.”
Precast study trip attendee 2016

Precast study trip attendee 2017

“Overall the trip is highly useful for our company in further understanding IBS Precast, best practices and supporting technologies which we could implement, adapt and deploy for business opportunity in our local market.”
Precast study trip attendee 2017