Precast Study Trip 2018

Trimble would like to welcome precast detailers and producers from around the world to an annual study trip into European precast industry.

The fifth consecutive excursion takes us to Ireland where nation’s leading precast companies offer you a practical insight into their BIM-based processes, productivity gains through precast product standardization and automated production. It will also introduce you to a variety of precast products and technical details used in Europe.

Join us for a half a week study trip on mid-September 2018 to get new ideas and to network and build new relationships with the precast professionals around the world.

The language of the event is English. The study trip is free of charge, but participants cover their own flight and accommodation costs.


  • 全面介绍项目团队之间使用BIM和协作软件工具进行设计和深化设计流程。
  • 参观工厂,展示不同的流程和不同的产品/生产线。
  • 由经验丰富的预制专业人员介绍基于BIM的工艺、产品标准化和自动化预制生产系统的好处。
  • 与顶级预制生产商、设计经理以及其他旅行参与者交流的平台。


These are some of our confirmed visit hosts. We will update the list closer to the date.

O’Reilly Concrete 

With an unrivaled track record in design and build construction projects, along with its complete range of precast concrete solutions, O’Reilly Concrete is one of the largest precast manufacturers in Ireland and the UK. O’Reilly Concrete moved from 2D design to 3D over ten years ago, and today they leverage BIM extensively throughout their processes.
Watch this free webinar to see Technical Director Richard Kowalski explaining their journey from 2d to BIM.


Oran Pre-Cast 

Oran Pre-Cast is a leading manufacturer of precast structural concrete products for the Irish and UK construction industries. Oran Pre-Cast‘s products are used in a range of structural solutions suitable for all types of building usages. While all of their precast solutions offer reduced construction times, coupled with a higher quality product than a typical RC structure, each solution has specific traits that make them suitable for different end usages.
Oran Pre-Cast has automated production for fabricating twin wall panels and lattice girder slabs, leading to high productivity utilizing BIM model data.



Techrete is one of the market leaders in designing, manufacturing and supplying architectural precast cladding in the UK and Ireland. Techrete can provide architectural precast units in various shapes, textures and colors to fit a building’s performance and aesthetic requirements. They can design them to suit both structural and non-structural applications.


Shay Murtagh 

Over four decades Shay Murtagh Precast, a family company, has become one of the leading manufacturers of precast concrete products in Ireland and the UK. Undertaking every aspect of the process – design, manufacture and delivery of the product, they specialise in pre-stressed and precast concrete products, including Bespoke products, Bridge Beams, concrete storage tanks, culverts, tunnel segments.

Study trip takes place on 11th -13th September 2018.
You should arrive at The D Hotel, Drogheda, Ireland on the previous day, the 10th of September.

Hotel information:
10th-12th Sept: The D Hotel in Drogheda
Located in Scotch Hall Mall
Address:     Marsh Rd, Lagavooren, Drogheda

12th-13th Sept: Nox Hotel in Galway
Address:  Headford Rd, Galway, Ireland

Preliminary Agenda

Arrival at the D Hotel, Drogheda, on the previous day.

Day 1 
11th Sep

Trimble seminar – Introduction & Trimble offering – starts at 8:30 a.m.  

Techrete – Presentation and factory tour

Day 2
12th Sep.

O’Reilly Concrete – Presentation and factory tour

Shay Murtagh – Presentation and factory tour 

Day 3
13th Sep.

Oran Pre-cast – Presentation and factory tour

Oran Pre-cast – Construction site visit

International flight departures 19.30 onwards or the following day


Precast study trip attendee 2017

“Overall the trip is highly useful for our company in further understanding IBS Precast, best practices and supporting technologies which we could implement, adapt and deploy for business opportunity in our local market.”
Precast study trip attendee 2017

Precast study trip attendee 2016

“Very useful, a really good mix of seeing Tekla Structures being used to make companies more efficient, combined with learning how precast is manufactured in Europe, really a good experience.”
Precast study trip attendee 2016