Precast Study Trip 2017

We would like to welcome precast detailers and fabricators from around the world to a study trip to precast factories, design companies and construction sites in Southern Finland. The trip duration is September 4th-7th 2017.

The language of the event is English. The study trip is free of charge, but participants cover their own flight and accommodation costs.

The study trip offers:

  • Thorough presentations about advanced design processes using BIM and collaboration software tools between project parties
  • Showcasing the benefits of product standardization and advanced design solutions in the Finnish precast industry
  • An unique opportunity to learn about Tekla Structures - ERP-system integration with live project examples  
  • A chance for dialogue with Finland's top fabricators and design managers as well as with other trip participants


A bus tour in Southern Finland:

  • Precast factories producing different products and processes
  • Design companies working on commercial, residential, industrial and public precast projects
  • Precast construction site using BIM on site


The Finnish company is a well-established material supplier for precast concrete industry.
Pintos operates in Finland and Sweden.

They specialized in reinforced mesh products, and provide both standard and special meshes to precast fabricators such as Parma.
The production is done using automated mesh-welding machinery, with wide range of
advanced functions for bending and cutting the mesh.
Pintos also provide other types of reinforcement, lifting lugs and fastening supplies.

Read more about Pintos.



Parma is the largest precast fabricator in Finland and part of Europe-wide Consolis. Operating in 9 locations, Parma supplies precast elements to all types of projects both for building construction and infrastructure.

Parma has both outsourced as well as in-house detailing. Using Tekla Structures models has effectively streamlined their information flow from design to production planning to actual production. Advance two-way ERP-integration enables excellent change management
and monitoring project's progress visually in the 3D model.

Our visits will highlight their floor using pre-tensioning beds and wall
element production.

Read more about Parma.



Elematic has been the leading machine- and solution provider for Finnish precast industry with their operation spanning over 7 decades.

Elematic has solid reference cases of complete plant solutions all over the globe but their also offer machinery to supplement existing plants. They specialize in automated production of hollow-core, and pre-tensioned flooring technology as well as precast partition walls (Acotec) but have solutions for all types of structural building construction elements.

Elematic is also a software developer, and they have a complete ERP-package EliPLAN to offer
to precast fabricators. EliPLAN also has modules for computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
for automated hollow-core production.

Elematic is Trimble's trusted partner, and in close cooperation we have implemented a
two-way link between Tekla Structures and EliPLAN.

Read more about Elematic.



One of the leading engineering consultancy companies in Finland.
They offer wide range services of built environment sector, and they excel in structural design and to precast detailing.

A-Insinöörit has dedicated Tekla Structures as their main tool in precast design.
The company has tailored their settings to suit their processes, thereby optimizing productivity and ensuring design quality.
The company has an excellent track record, and working closely with precast fabricators,
they have delivered landmark projects such as
the JUST and Puuvilla, both of which are Global BIM Award winners.

Read more about A-Insinöörit.



SRV is a construction company, does own development and contracting, with a high level of expertise in commercial and business premises, residential units as well as infrastructure and logistics projects.

SRV is the name behind many popular landmarks and structures in Finland, such as the award winning and architecturally stunning Kaisa-talo building in Helsinki City centre, Helsinki Music center, and Kamppi Centre.  Apart from Finland, the company operates in Russia and Estonia.

Read more about SRV.



Suutarinen group is a supplier for concrete construction and earthworks. Their SBS-Betoni -company has the most modern precast plant in Nordics with automated production of wall panel and slab. They specialize in special surface finishes for residential and public projects. 

Suutarinen group also provides high-quality ready-mixed concrete for cost-effective construction for companies, professional builders, and small builders.

Read more about SBS-Betoni.



Peikko is a family-owned company founded in 1965. It is headquartered in Lahti, Finland. Peikko supplies a large selection of concrete connections and composite beams for both precast and cast-in-situ solutions in a wide variety of applications. Peikko’s innovative solutions make your construction process faster, safer, and more effective. 

Peikko has production units in China, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates; and some production activities in the USA.

Read more about Peikko.

Registration or any enquiries:

Contact your local sales office or reseller

The schedule of the study trip (September 4th to 7th):

Please contact us if you have not received the official agenda of the trip. Also kindly consider following information regarding your arrival.


Sunday 3rd September

Arrival in Helsinki-Vantaa airport (HEL)

Travel from Helsinki-Vantaa airport (HEL) to Radisson Blu Seaside. You can choose from three options:

a. Taxi from airport

b. Public transport: train P from airport and trams 6, 7 or 9 from Helsinki Center railway station. Please see

c. Public transport & taxi: Train I or P from airport to Helsinki Center railway station and taxi from there

Monday 4th September

Meeting place: Radisson Blu Seaside lobby at 7.50 – 8.00




Registration or any enquiries:

Contact your local sales office or reseller 

During the visits, we will be in live factory and construction site environments:

·         Please bring along safety shoes.

·         Please listen to the hosts’ instructions and stay together in the group – especially during the visits

·         Remember to follow the weather forecasts – In general, early September has very mild temperatures and high probability of rain.

·         Report any food allergies you might have well in advance

·         The visited companies will have their own rules about entry, safety, photographs etc.

·         Please be wary of loud levels of noise within factories and construction site

·         Smoking permitted only in designated zones

Precast beams at Ergon, Lier, Belgium (2016)

  Panel with integrated masonry, Hurks, Veldhoven, Netherlands (2016)   Group photo, Vollert, Heilbronn, Germany (2015)   Unitechnik-presentation, Veldhoven, Netherlands (2016)   Group photo, Aveco De Bondt, Rijssen, Netherlands (2016)    Architectural precast samples, E-Betoonelement, Harku, Estonia (2015)   Aveco de Bondt presentation, Rijssen, Netherlands (2016)   Shuttering robot, Heembeton, Lelystad, Netherlands (2016)  

Precast factory, E-Betoonelement, Harku, Estonia (2015)

Outside the concrete mixing, Parma, Nummela, Finland (2014)     Mesh-welding machinery at Hurks, Veldhoven, Netherlands (2016)

Registration or any enquiries:

Contact your local sales office or reseller