Precast Study Trip 2016

The Objective

To provide precast detailers and fabricators across the globe:

  • Practical insight into BIM-based processes of our advanced precast fabricator customers in the Netherlands
  • Live showcases of integrating Tekla Structures and other BIM tools to ERP-solutions and production software
  • Opportunities for active discussion between participants in an open setting 

The Concept

A series of visits in the Netherlands

  • Precast factories with different products and processes
  • Other advanced companies using Tekla Structures for precast projects

During the event, the content and communication will be in English.
A local area office representative will in most cases be available to help you before and during the trip in your own language.

This year the event is limited to non-european participants only.
The event is free of charge.
Personal expenses, such as flights and accomodation are not covered by Trimble.

Optional Trimble European BIM Forum in Warsaw starts in the morning September 22nd after the Study Trip.


More information

Contact your local Trimble office or reseller for registration and additional information.

Visit also Trimble European BIM Forum event page for more information and registration.


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Monday September 19th - Wednesday September 21st 2016



The Study Trip will begin on Monday September 19th morning from Hotel NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof.
Address: Locht 117, 5504 RM Veldhoven, Netherlands
see on map
The hotel in Veldhoven is located approximately 135 km south from Amsterdam.

Participants should travel independently to the starting location already Sunday evening. 
Taking a flight into Amsterdam Schiphol airport is recommended but there are other well-connected airports in the region. Participants should reserve up to 3 hours travel time from airport to location.
There is a direct train connection to Eindhoven Central Station from Schiphol airport.

Our team at the office will reserve the hotels for all participants, but the rooms will be paid by the participants.
Flights to be booked independently and at own expense.



We will finish on Wednesday September 21st afternoon.
For those who are interested in attending Trimble European BIM Forum in Warsaw, there are two evening flights from Amsterdam Schiphol.
We will finish the study trip at Schiphol latest 17.30, so the participants can make it to 7.45 PM or 8.20 PM flights.
If the participant wishes to take another flight, please plan according to this schedule, or they can take a short train trip to Amsterdam City, if they wish to remain.

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Aveco de Bondt

Aveco de Bondt is a Dutch engineering office and part of the Volker Wessels group.
The company designs a wide variety of projects from commercial and residential buildings to sports stadiums and infrastructural projects. 
The company has implemented BIM extensively in their design processes, and they do their precast detailing using Tekla Structures.
Company is based in Holten in central Netherlands.

Read more from the website



Ergon in Lier, Belgium is a part of the large CRH Structural Group.
The company's design, fabrication, delivery and erections processes all in-house.
Ergon has a very large production capacity and it specializes in structural concrete such as beams, columns, floor slabs and different types of wall panels.
The plant has automated floor slab production.

Read more from the website



Heembeton is part of the de Ruwbouw group (CRH). They have a heavily automated precast wall panel production plant.
The elements are produced mostly for the group's residential development projects.
Different types of wall panels are produced on a pallet circulation system with shuttering robots, mesh-welding robots and such.
Heembeton uses SAA Leit2000 as their production master computer alongside Tekla Structures model data.

Read more from our case study at



Hurks is specialised in complex precast with untypical shapes and surfaces.
At the factory, they produce both architectural and structural precast, such as wall panels, beams and columns.
The elements are for buildings, such as landmark public or commercial projects but also infrastructure projects such as bridges.
They use production machinery and software from Progress group alongside Tekla Structures.

Read more from Hurks website

Read more about the Global BIM Awards projects they have won:
KPMG Ypenburg
P R De Uithof



The engineering office has designers of different disciplines working closely in complex and specialty projects.
The company also has a substantial software application development to support their own processes as well as to provide for their customers.
For example they have done interface applications between Tekla Structures and production systems.
Vericon stands by their 100% BIM policy from small to massive projects.

Read more from website

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