The 2nd Annual BIM Road Show 2013


In today's information-saturated construction environment, you need to have a competitive edge when bidding for projects, adhering to the increasing expectations of your client as well as conforming with other requirements

The Tekla ME Team would like you to spend a few complementary hours with us and be a part of our knowledge packed tour that will boast the ultimate solution for precast, concrete and steel as well as give you an opportunity to add extensive value to all your projects.


The Road Show will give you a unique chance to learn how Tekla Structures will help you enhance your potential and provide you with many possibilities that allow you to:

Model, plan and manage your workflow which results in an, increase in efficiency

Collaborating with ease allowing you to, communicate easily with various departments

View your drawings instantly, therefore, saving time

Watch how your model builds up, ensuring accuracy and tons more.


Tekla ME would like to put all this power in your hands and would like to extend your possibilities further.


Join us at the most convenient stop near you !

For further details please contact 

Omar Moutlak

Marketing Manager



Sunday, 27 October 2013 (All day) to Thursday, 14 November 2013 (All day)
United Arab Emirates