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Opening details with the push of a button

Detailed Design Tekla Structures CIP Precast Engineering

Wall Layout now lets you quickly create customized details for openings of any shape in concrete walls using custom made components. Add project-specific opening details to ready-made models with a single click or create fully-detailed openings in one go. New development done for Wall Layout tool further widens the use of this flexible and highly productive modeling tool saving detailing time when working with CIP and precast concrete structures.

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New detailing toolset for Half-Precast Concrete Slab Systems

Detailed Design Tekla Structures Precast Engineering

Half Slab Reinforcement is a new toolset to automatically create optimized, detailed reinforcing and braced girders for half slab floors. The toolset automates repetitive detailing steps, while the intelligence in building information model ensures an optimized, error-free outcome for your work. Whether you’re aiming for common details throughout your floors or fully optimized reinforcing for automated production, this new tool helps to have all information you need to be created efficiently and without human error.

Tekla Warehuose
Extension in Tekla Warehouse

Double Wall Details enhancements

Detailed Design Tekla Structures Precast Engineering

The Double Wall Details toolset for automating modeling and detailing of double wall structures has been further developed after its introduction earlier this year. The latest version improves detailing efficiency for a more user-friendly experience.

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Extension in Tekla Warehouse

Improved productivity with complex platework

Detailed design Fabrication Tekla Structures Steel

Continued improvements in both modeling and drawings representation of bent plates help you take on more potential project types and deliver better information to production and fabrication, expanding your capabilities and letting you compete on more complex projects.

The latest enhancements make creation and editing of platework easier than ever, and a new conical bend allows you to create a wider variety of shapes, such as cones and transitional sections.

Formwork Placing tool - Walls Condition setup

Bigger benefits through accurate weld modeling

Detailed design Fabrication Tekla Structures Steel

In Tekla Structures 2018i the enhanced welding functionality allows you to improve production planning and leverage automation - management of welds within the model enable accurate take offs for fabrication times and quantities. Our continuous development of welding functionality has driven leading edge robotic welding and assembly solutions for significant improvements in quality and a quantum leap in productivity.

Formwork Placing tool - Walls Condition setup

Drawing Improvements

General Design Detailed Design Tekla Structures Engineering Steel CIP Precast

Each version of Tekla Structures makes it quicker and easier for you to produce drawings that are always up-to-date, accurate and unambiguous. Now, with Tekla Structures 2018i’s latest enhancements, design communication is more effective and efficient than ever.

The Drawing Content Manager

The Tekla Structures 2018i Drawing Content Manager empowers you to use your constructible Tekla model more effectively and productively. Because you can check that parts represented in the drawings are correctly marked, you’ll have the information you need to ensure that tasks are complete.

Steel and concrete dimension tag support and extended search capabilities have also been introduced to Drawing Content Manager. As one beta tester said, it is “great both for checking that all rebars are marked, and for updating certain marks all at once”.

Tekla Structures 2018 support for steel part marks has now been extended to rebar mark support. With this complete set of tools for Drawing Content Management, you can gain rapid insight into the content of the drawing view. You can make faster decisions about the completeness of the drawing.

New tools for quicker dimensioning

New dimensioning tools help you to reduce manual, repetitive tasks when producing layout and elevation drawings. Using new Opening and Edge Dimensioning tool, you can automate creation of edge and opening dimensions for structures like walls and slabs. New Object Dimensioning tool helps you to automatically add dimensions between objects and grids.

Tekla Warehuose

Object dimensioning tool in Tekla Warehouse
Opening and edge dimensioning in Tekla Warehouse

Auto dimensioning in GA drawings

Smoother data transfer to precast production systems

Detailed Design Fabrication Tekla Structures Precast

Our continuous work closely with our customers and industry partners brings wide range of new improvements to precast production export that allow more efficient and versatile data transfer from the model to various precast production automation systems.

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Tekla Warehuose
Extension in Tekla Warehouse

Precast production export

Faster and more versatile formwork planning

Detailed Design On-site construction Tekla Structures CIP

New copy, rotate and mirror functionalities for formwork objects reduce manual work when creating detailed formwork plans for walls and slabs. Formwork Placing tools now support more complex wall and slab geometries, making the use of these intuitive modeling tools more versatile than ever.

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Efficiency, even with the largest formwork models

Detailed Design On-site construction Tekla Structures CIP

Improved model performance of imported items reduces file size and speeds up tasks like copying and moving model items, zooming, panning and rotating views. It improves opening times for drawings, and supports more efficient work -- especially with large formwork models.

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Formwork Placing Tools – Walls

Detailed Design On-site construction Tekla Structures CIP

Automated features now support more complex wall and corner geometries and new development makes it easier to intuitively define intelligent corner conditions.

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Formwork Placing tool - Walls Condition setup

Formwork Placing Tools – Slabs

Detailed Design On-site construction Tekla Structures CIP

The new formwork planning application for slab formwork introduced in Tekla Structures 2018 now supports tilted slabs. You can also automatically place girders to skewed slab edges, making it faster to create detailed formwork plans for more complex slab geometries.

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Quicker, easier pour drawings and structured material reports

Detailed Design On-site construction Tekla Structures CIP

Pour units, information management units for cast-in-place concrete, have been improved for more efficient management, reporting and sharing of structured information. Manual adjustments to Pour Unit content is easier to make and now also the formwork objects can be automatically assigned to the pour they belong to in order to more efficiently ensure information quality in all types of situations.

Pour units allow pour drawings to be created more quickly. Objects belonging to a pour are automatically included in GA drawings, removing the need for rules or filters to indicate what to include and exclude. For more flexible drawing creation, neighboring pours can now be included, too.

Rebar modeling and reporting improvements

Detailed Design On-site construction Tekla Structures CIP Engineering

Tekla Structures 2018i offers improvements in grouping, copying, and moving reinforcing bars. It also shows reinforcing bar leg dimensions in model view for more efficient creation of fabrication quality rebar models. New template attributes for reinforcement help to create complete reports and schedules more quickly, providing clearer reporting and deeper insight to improve rebar detailing productivity.

Rebar dimensions in model views

Rebar design is now easier than ever. The information you need to reduce unnecessary variation between bar shapes and sizes is instantly available on your screen, with dimensions directly in the model view. Multiple clicks and searches to inquire about leg dimensions are a thing of the past.

More efficient transfer of rebar fabrication data

Detailed Design Fabrication On-site construction Tekla Structures CIP

You can now use Pour Unit to more quickly create pour-specific production data files in BVBS file format for the rebar MES software and automated rebar fabrication systems.

BVBS export

Faster utilization of BIM data in construction layout

On-site construction Tekla Structures CIP Precast Steel

Using Tekla Layout Manager, you can now use base points to set up and reuse the local coordinate systems for layout point groups. This allows you to automatically convert the BIM model’s coordinates to local coordinates used by field teams for any chosen group of layout points in the model.

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Enhanced information sharing and collaboration

Collaboration On-site construction Tekla Structures Trimble Connect CIP

IFC4 now supports Pour Unit and all its hierarchies, allowing to share structured pour information with other project stakeholders using the latest version of IFC file format. Trimble’s cloud based collaboration platform Trimble Connect now also supports IFC4.

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More efficient analysis modeling

General Design Tekla Structures Engineering

Tekla Structures 2018i’s integrated multi-material physical and analytical model provides more efficient structural design, documentation and detailing. What’s more, modelling is more productive and properly connected. You can quickly create an error-free analysis wireframe project model, load the frame and create load combinations, and then export to your preferred analysis and design software.

Checking wireframe quality is quick and reliable, and finding and fixing connection errors in the analysis model is easier than ever -- simply click on any node to see every connected wire.

As you model, Tekla Structures checks and reports on the quality of an analysis wireframe. Now the quality report is directly linked to the model so you can find and fix it quickly and move on

General UI enhancements

General Design Detailed Design On-site construction Fabrication Collaboration Tekla Structures CIP Steel Precast Engineering

A more productive modeling experience

In Tekla Structures 2018i, customization tools for ribbon, property pane and user-defined commands have been completely redesigned so that you can choose the working methods that best suit you while having more working screen space. The clean, simple design of the new property pane and ribbon can be customized to reduce modeling and checking time. Customizable toolbars reduce clutter, making it easier to find frequently used tools and increase on-screen workspace. In short, everything you need to work more efficiently is right at hand.

BVBS export

Copying and moving with confidence

Tekla Structures now automatically checks, during moving and copying operations, for similar or identical cuts, bolts and welds, and rebar and pour breaks. If duplicates are identified in the target location, you’ll get a warning. This not only ensures model accuracy, but eases the risk of model irregularities that cause confusion and slow down drawing creation, too.

New Document Manager for improved management of project deliverables

On-site construction Fabrication Collaboration Tekla Structures CIP Steel Precast Engineering

The completely new Document Manager addresses many workflow critical needs of our customers. Inefficient document management and tracking leads to lost time, potential errors, and inconsistencies. The new Document Manager in Tekla Structures 2018i replaces the Drawing List, enabling centralized management of all project drawings and documentation in coordination with the model.

The Document Manager is highly customizable to your needs and lets you track received documents, such as project specifications, contract documents, architectural plans, connection layout plans, and more. It also helps you to track and manage documents issued for approval and production, such as drawings, material lists, reports, production files and other model exports.

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Tekla Model Sharing

Collaboration Tekla Model Sharing CIP Steel Precast Engineering

Working with Tekla Model Sharing is now even more robust, with several improvements on Numbering, locked file handling and Object updates. Conflict handling for Moved views in drawings is better than before.

With 2018i the performance is even better. Unnecessary change flags are cleared after Read in, in order to reduce unnecessary modifications for conflicting part cut size, polygon cut, line cut, fitting and line cut/fitting of part cut. Also, conflicting modifications are removed in Read in for conflicting part move, added material, edge chamfer and surface treatment modifications.

With the new eLearning lessons and video clips for basic use it’s now easier and faster to onboard new Model Sharing users to your projects.

BVBS export

Updated Design Code support

General design Tekla Structural Designer Engineering

US Steel Code 2016 Update

The AISC360-16 design code support has been updated to include US Steel Code 2016.

US Concrete Code 2014 Update

The ACI 318-14 design code support has been updated to include US Concrete Code 2014.

US Loading Code 2016 Update

The ASCE 7-16 combinations\snow\wind support has been updated to include loading Code 2016.

AISC Sections Update v 15

The AISC Sections support has been updated to include the latest sections.

More productive structural design workflow

General design Tekla Structural Designer Engineering

User-defined Node by Coordinate Input

This new feature enables Tekla Structural Designer to more effectively model complex geometry. Engineering offices who have invested in Tekla Structural Designer can now automate the design of esoteric structures with more complexity, opening up a wealth of new business opportunities.

Large model handling performance improvements

Tekla Structural Designer is better than ever at handling large models. Because of this, editing attributes is now significantly smoother and analysis time is faster. These performance improvements deliver notable design time savings so scheme stage design can be quicker. For example, you can design a single building floor without needing to design an entire structure, so you will not waste time waiting for unnecessary designs.

Improved interoperability between Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Structures

The transfer of structural design data between Tekla engineering software has been enhanced to reduce rework, which in turn reduces errors. Curved beams and polybeams now all transfer to Tekla Structures accurately.

Support for Autodesk Revit 2019

The integration between Tekla Structural Designer and Autodesk Revit has been updated to support the 2019 version of Revit. Tekla Structural Designer Integrator is now fully compatible with Autodesk Revit 2019, allowing information to transfer seamlessly. More information can be found here

Cast-in-place reinforced concrete design

General design Tekla Structural Designer Engineering CIP

Animation of deflected shape and slab deflections

You can now quickly and easily get deeper insight into the performance of a proposed structural design. Animation improves the visibility of magnitudes of deflection and gives context to areas of high deflection. This dynamic presentation of analysis results makes them easier to understand – particularly when it comes to complex analysis modes and vibration/modal analysis.

Complete concrete foundation design

Foundation design is now quicker and more comprehensive. By now allowing for Biaxial Uplift and with the introduction of design of top reinforcement, concrete foundation design can be completed in Tekla Structural Designer without additional supplementary hand calculations.

Structural steel connection design

General design Tekla Structural Designer Engineering Steel

Link with IDEA StatiCa - connection design

Tekla Structural Designer 2018i introduces a robust link with IDEA StatiCa connection design for:

  • Beam to Column steel connections
  • Beam to Beam steel connections

With this new link, design engineers can invest in additional software that works well with Tekla Structural Designer and extend their service to offer structural steel connection design. What’s more, the link reduces the requirement for manual transfer of geometry and loads and allows engineers to consider the buildability of complex structures even in the earliest stages.

Structural steel connection resistance check enhancement

This new enhancement provides a quick, easy and effective check for simple and braced steel connections, improving rationalization and adding constructible value to the design model. Engineers can now improve the quality of early stage constructability checks and be confident that their proposed schemes can be constructed to comply with simple standards.

Design code enhancements

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

The quality-assured library of code compliant calculations is enhanced with Tekla Tedds 2018i which introduces new Eurocode support for timber design.

The new Eurocode code support now includes:

  • Snow loading code EN1991
  • Timber member design EN1995
  • Timber member analysis & design EN1995
  • Timber 2D analysis & design EN1995

More productive structural design process

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

Cast-in-place reinforced concrete beam analysis and design [EN1992]

The concrete beam analysis and design [EN1992] calculation has been simplified for an even better user experience. For example, it is now quicker and easier to define and design reinforced concrete beams.

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