General Design

Tekla Structures 2017i

More complete drawings faster

In drawing setup and layout, what you see is now what you get, which makes generating more reliable drawings from your constructible 3D model quicker and easier.

Enhanced Template editor

Template Editor enables powerful, clear and customizable reporting and scheduling. Create efficiently more reliable schedules and reports with exact quantities, using the format that best suits your business standards and looks professional. What you see on the drawing and on the schedule match 100%, and there is no need for Excel or exporting and re-importing.

Improved DWG export

With the enhanced DWG export functionality, you can create AutoCAD drawings fast. Utilize the accuracy of Tekla models to create AutoCAD files that follow industry requirements and standards for layers, colors and linetypes. Model curves in steel and concrete quickly, show it in drawings, and then easily update the model and drawing as the design changes.

New Spiral beam

The all new Spiral beam lets you model with ease spiral stringers, handrails, ramps, stairs and more. The spiral beam maintains a constant up direction for the profile and provides accurate, constructible geometry. With the property pane, it is easy to check and set properties for multiple spiral beams at once. It provides clear visualization of your changes and shows if the properties vary between the selected spiral beams.

The new limit: 1000 polygon points

Plates, slabs, polybeams and strip footings can now contain more than 100 polygon points.


Precast Concrete: Floor Layout and Wall Layout tool enhancements

Floor and Wall Layout tools have been improved and are now easier to use.

Reinforcement: The next generation method keeps developing

The flexible and intelligent method for modeling and modifying reinforcement has new functionalities for efficient creation of detailed, fabrication and construction ready rebar models of any type of concrete structure.

Rebar: Faster drawing production with annotation tools

Rebar annotation tools automate repetitive tasks when creating rebar drawings, while annotation styles allow faster production of drawings.


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Tekla Structural Designer 2017i

More productive modeling

Structural DesignerModel and design structures faster, leave more time for other tasks. The new improvements allow you to do more with your software. Because Seismic wizard now includes UBC97 seismic loading, you can work in markets requiring American seismic regulations. With the new range of compound, welded & plated sections you can design structures and achieve more efficient and appropriate solutions. Both Snow (drift) loading and Shear wall modeling now require less manual work, time and effort, and provide more versatility.

More design codes

With the new version, you can spend less time doing manual calculation work outside the software workflow. There are more design checks and options, including fully automated ones, making it quicker and easier to achieve the best solution. There is less room for error and engineering becomes more productive. The new codes include:

AISC: Steel members designed for torsion
Eurocodes: Design of steel angles, double angles & tees in bending; Improvements to pad base design; Cellular Beam floor vibration analysis & design checks
British Standards: Design of steel angles, double angles & tees in bending; Improvements to pad base design; Cellular Beam floor vibration analysis & design checks
US codes: Improvements to pad base design (ACI 3-18-08 & 318-11) 

Improved BIM integration

To participate in an efficient BIM workflow, Tekla Structural Designer offers smoother, more complete passage of data to Tekla Structures and Revit. In addition, overall efficiency improves with the BIM integration of continuous members.

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Tekla Structural Designer Release notes


Tekla Tedds 2017

Improvements and new calculations boost now your productivity. The new Batch design allows you to try different scenarios for a single design case or design many different design cases in one go. Improved documentation of the variables used in calculations assists linking, Batch design and using the Tekla Tedds API (Application Programming Interface). A new API tester application will also help you to get started using the API. In addition, the Professional developer documentation has been enhanced.

Performance improvements benefit all steel calculations. Steel member design calculations now offer improved overall user experience, including a simplified user interface and enhancements to the output documentation.

The new version includes a wealth of new and improved calculations including:

  • A new steel sheet piling design calculation checks the stability of either a cantilever or a propped/tied steel sheet pile wall. The calculation is available for Eurocode, British standards and the US Army Corps of Engineers, but design of sheet pile walls or a general approach using partial factors enables using it in any region.
  • A new Eurocode calculation enables designing reinforced cast in place concrete stairs
  • For US, an improved Masonry wall panel design calculation enables multi-story loading as well as allowing for separate wind loads to the wall and parapet.
  • For Australia, new reinforced cast in place concrete and steel calculations allow you to design single span or continuous beams in isolation or as part of a 2D frame.

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Release notes - Tekla Tedds 2017 - Engineering library update September 2017

2017 main version features

General Design

Tekla Structures 2017

More Productive Modeling

Creating an accurate model with the new Tekla Structures is even quicker and easier than it was before. Enjoy improved structural design and more effective design communication.

  • More control over Direct modification: For example, you can restrict handle movement to a selected part plane, which is useful when working with, say, a sloped roof.
  • Enjoy better understanding when modelling with the faster Organizer for managing model information
  • The improved Inquire tool allows instant information reporting
  • With Contextual toolbar, UDAs are now easily available at your fingertips.
  • Wall & Floor Layout now enable faster concrete wall modelling with easy editing for openings. Read more

More efficient collaboration with architects

Smoother workflow now allows better productivity.


With Basepoint, coordinates are consistent, correct, and common, and models can be combined effortlessly. Engineers and architects or other design disciplines can enjoy a collaborative BIM workflow.

Detect Design Changes More Effectively

For discovering changes in reference model revisions, Tekla Structures 2017 provides a more powerful control over what is compared. Filter and focus efficiently, don’t waste time reviewing all the changes. And once found, fixing changes is now easier. Detect Design Changes More Effectively

Smoother IFC workflow
You can now convert IFC components to Wall and Floor Layouts. IFC converter plugin

Grasshopper link

Don’t forget that live algorithmic modelling in Tekla Structures using Rhino/Grasshopper is now possible thanks to the new plugin.


More Effective Design Communication

Producing accurate GA drawings with Tekla Structures 2017 is now more efficient and the drawings communicate the design more clearly. Result: The contractor has fewer questions to ask from the engineer.

  • Improved sketch and drawing features save time: adding the required but not modelled information to drawings is easy
  • The 2D Library boosts productivity by replacing repetitive work. You can create regularly used 2D drawing objects from parts, texts, DWG files and more, then insert in the drawings.

Enhancements in drawings

  • Save time and quickly add information to drawings with improved sketching and drawing features
  • Creating plans and construction drawings with hatching is easier and more productive
  • Snapshots in the model provide information that supports project communication and verifies details and dimensions.
  • Overlaying the snapshots in drawings makes seeing changes between revisions easy.
  • Those who model steel platework save time with automatic generation of weld preparation details and unfolded bent plate drawings, including bend line, radius, and angle information.
  • For cast in place concrete construction, pour units can be used to create pour-specific and construction drawings.

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Tekla Structural Designer 2017

The new version of the analysis and design solution for structural engineers includes numerous enhancements. It makes foundation design more efficient, wind loading has been improved, and there are many other improvements for designing steel and concrete structures.

General structure design: Wind loading efficiency

Wind loading has become faster and more flexible, especially for structures with challenging geometries. The new tools now allow easy application of horizontal and wind loading, helping engineers assess the lateral strength requirements of their structure.

  • Wind loading can now be applied easily on all types of buildings either manually or automatically to your chosen code of practice
  • Engineers can chose either rigid or flexible diaphragm action providing complete control of the lateral forces and how they are distributed throughout the building

 Concrete structure design

Enhancements in slab design

The 2017 version of Tekla Structural Designer provides new tools to revolutionize the design of concrete slabs. These include slab splitting tools, graphical control of panel patches and the introduction of pass/fail contour diagrams.

Piled mat design efficiency

Tekla Structural Designer 2017 expands its foundation design capabilities: Engineers can now choose between pad, pile cap, mat and piled mat foundations all within the same modelling environment.

  • Automated pile layout with comprehensive calculations and material take off for the foundation
  • Foundation design is not a separate program but part of the overall building design
  • Automated load transfers to foundation - the design is part of the single modelling environment
  • Now foundation design offer is comprehensive and complete with all the main foundation types required (pad, strip, pile cap mats and piled mats) for steel and concrete structures.

Deflection calculations in composite steel construction enhancements

Engineers can now assess the benefits of composite floor construction on the overall frame deflection.

Camber design improvements

With a greater understanding of cambered beams, you can save time and improve design efficiency. Productivity in steel and composite beam design improves with enhanced control, design and reporting of cambered beams.


Faster punching shear force design

Save time and achieve better designs: You can now design and detail shear rails automatically to either US or Eurocodes. Punching shear design has been tedious task, which becomes is easier with this new feature.


Steel structure design: Angles in bending

Steel angle and tee sections can now be designed to US codes.

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Tekla Tedds 2017

Proven to improve engineering productivity and quality, Tekla Tedds automates repetitive and error prone structural and civil calculations. In the face of ever more aggressive deadlines and demands, Tekla Tedds helps streamline engineering design by replacing tedious manual calculations and spreadsheets with professional and consistent output.

  • When integrated with Microsoft Word, the solution now gives engineers control to quickly create and customise calculations.
  • The new version includes a large number of new calculations and enhancements to existing calculations across Eurocode, British Standards, US, Australia & Canadian codes. New and enhanced calculations include:
    • Eurocodes: New Steel Column And Base Plate Design, New RC Corbel Design, Enhanced Retaining Wall A&D and many more
    • British Standard Codes: Update Retaining Wall Calculations, Enhanced Masonry Wall Panel Design and other calculations 
    • US Codes: RC Column Design enhanced to display more accurate profiles, Enhanced Steel 2D Member A&D and improved user experience for Wood Shear Wall Design, to name a few
    • Australian Codes: New Gabion Retaining Wall A&D, Enhanced 2D Analysis Frame Wizard and more
    • Plus many more new and enhanced calculations have been added each month since our September release
    • Find all the calculations here

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