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Tekla Structures 2017i

New Spiral Beam

With the new Spiral Beam, modeling complex structures such as spiral shaped, sloped ramps and stairs is quick and easy regardless of the material. The spiral beam maintains a constant up direction for the profile and provides accurate, constructible geometry.

Faster, easier detailing documentation

The new, smart and easy to use Layout and Template Editors make creation of drawing layouts and customized schedules and reports faster and easier.

  • With the drawing Layout Editor, drawing setup and layout are now more intuitive: what you see is what you get. As you can edit layouts directly on a drawing, generating more reliable drawings from your model becomes quicker and easier.
  • Template Editor allows faster creation of reliable schedules and reports with exact quantities in a format that meets the standards of your business and looks professional.


The new limit: 1000 polygon points

Plates, slabs, polybeams and strip footings can now contain more than 100 polygon points. Working with complex panel, facade and other profiles is now easier, as is modeling bridges and large infrastructure projects.

The new limits:

  • 1000 points in parts
  • 1000 bolts per group
  • 999 points in a single profile cross section


Improved drawing snapshots

Take advantage of drawing snapshots without opening and editing the drawing: Use the snapshot preview to see if they even need to be opened for editing. Similarly, the drawing snapshot is instantly available for overlay in the model.

Steel bent plate improvements

Working with bent plates is now easier than ever. You can bind the handles of bent plates in custom components and create parametric bent plate shapes as custom parts, and as part of a custom detail or connection. Handles can be moved ‘out of plane’, which allows changing the angle of a bend after creation of the bent plate.

Reinforcement: The next generation method keeps developing

The flexible and intelligent Tekla method for modeling and modifying reinforcement in 3D has new functionalities for efficient creation of detailed, fabrication and construction ready rebar models of any type of concrete structure.

  • Rebar Shape Placing Tool is the most user friendly and flexible tool for quick and easy placement of any rebar bending shape in 3D. Define fast the settings for bar shapes, and benefit from the flexible, automated placement of the defined bar shapes into the concrete parts and pours where they belong to.
    • Create rebar sets using pre-defined bending shapes from the rebar catalogue or define the bar shape directly according to the concrete cross section where the rebar is placed.
    • Rebar set is automatically created following the geometry of the concrete object and the spacing settings defined.
    • Reinforcement automatically adapts to changes in concrete. Placed bars can be modified without ungrouping the rebar set.  
  • You can now create Curved crossing and longitudinal bars as rebar sets, which makes creating and modifying structures more efficient.


Rebar: faster drawing production with annotation tools

Rebar annotation tools automate repetitive tasks when creating rebar drawings. Annotation styles allow faster production of drawings that meet your company standards and industry requirements. Create rebar marks, pull-out pictures and rebar group dimensions with fewer clicks.

Precast concrete: Enhanced Floor and Wall Layout tools

Floor and Wall Layout tools are now at hand in the Ribbon menu and easier to use, too. Direct preview in Floor Layout makes modeling easier and prevents misplacements of panels. You can move and copy both floor and wall openings by dragging and dropping.

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2017 main version features

Detail design

Tekla Structures 2017

The new version introduces interesting new features for steel and concrete construction.

More effective design communication

Producing accurate drawings with Tekla Structures 2017 is now more efficient and the drawings communicate the design more clearly.

  • Improved sketch and drawing features save time: adding the required but not modelled information to drawings is easy
  • The 2D Library  boosts productivity by replacing repetitive work. You can create regularly used 2D drawing objects from parts, texts, pictures, DWG files and more, then insert in the drawings.  

Enhancements in drawings

  • Save time and quickly add information to drawings with improved sketching and drawing features
  • Creating plans and construction drawings with hatching is easier and more productive
  • Snapshots in the model provide information that supports project communication and verifies details and dimensions.
  • Overlaying the snapshots in drawings makes seeing changes between revisions easy.
  • Those who model steel platework save time with automatic generation of weld preparation details and unfolded bent plate drawings, including bend line, radius, and angle information.

Structural steel

Bent Plates

Tekla Structures 2017 brings the official release of bent plate functionality. Bent plate creation is easy and now with full support for direct modification, editing and working with even the most complex bent plates is simple and intuitive. You can create anything from simple bent gussets to folded profiles, spiral stringer plates, transitional duct sections, complex folded panels and more.

  • Productive creation and editing of bent plates with intuitive direct manipulation of geometry and bends
  • Create drawings of unfolded plates for fabrication, including bend line, radius, and angle
  • Support automated production with NC data of unfolded plates for nesting and processing
  • Control bending allowances based on material, thickness, and radius for accurate production
  • Easily model and unfold spiral plate stringers with the new spiral stair component

Concrete construction

Next generation reinforcement method

Tekla Structures 2017 introduces the first phase of a next generation reinforcement method. It provides users with more flexibility to create and modify reinforcements for different types of concrete geometries.

  • Intelligent reinforcement understands shapes and features such as concrete covers. Reinforcement objects understand the geometry of the rebar next to them and automatically arrange to different layers, allowing easy changes of order.
  • The new Rebar Sets concept makes adjustment and modification of reinforcement entities flexible. For example, it removes the need to ungroup the bars when defining bar specific details such as diameter or end detail.
  • Pour geometry can be used in rebar creation, and new splicing functionalities make working with cast in place structures more efficient.

New reinforcement components

Tekla Structures 2017 also introduces a set of new reinforcement components to improve precast and CIP concrete workflows.

  • Curved reinforcement plugins enable reinforcing curved structures such as walls and items, improving modeling efficiency for example with structures like concrete bridge decks.
  • Double Wall Edge and Opening Reinforcement supports more efficient workflows with double wall structures.
  • Reinforcement Mesh Array enables creating mesh reinforcements for panel structures with one click.

Wall and Floor Layout

These advanced and flexible tools are now a part of Tekla Structures and now enhance modeling even more. 

  • Detailed design of double wall structures is more efficient thanks to improvements such as new  ways to adjust layer thickness and the new Wall Layout Layer Swapper that makes changes in the casting order of layers easy.
  • It is now possible to define a pour sequence for CIP-type layers. This improves managing Double Wall and Half Slab related information and allows more efficient on-site pour planning.
  • Dynamic preview saves time and prevents false positioning of walls when modeling. 

New plugin: Convert IFC components to Wall and Floor Layouts

You can now utilize Wall and Floor Layout with converted IFC objects or native Tekla components created with older floor and wall tools thanks to the new plugin.

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