Tekla Model Sharing

With fixes and many new improvements, Tekla Model Sharing is now even more robust. Enjoy the benefits of better numbering: Fragmented numbering is prevented, and solving conflicts when multiple users are numbering is easier. Also change and conflict handling have been enhanced. 


License management has been improved and multiple companies can now form a shared pool of licenses.

Supply chain management with Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect

New tools on top of Trimble’s collaboration platform, Trimble Connect, allow effective, model and cloud-based supply chain management between Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect - or even your own system, thanks to Trimble Connect API. The new workflow tools enable easy management and sharing of real-time project situation information, regardless of location and using both desktop and mobile tools.

The clear 3D visualizations of Tekla Structures allow efficient communication of the status of your work. Now managing and updating information such as production or pour statuses is easy with Trimble Connect. Using cloud-based technology, sharing status changes with the whole project team can happen just by a push of a button.

2017 main version features

Collaboration tools

Tekla Structures

Working with the others in the construction workflow continues to become easier and smoother. Take a look to the new production links for steel and precast concrete.

Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Model Sharing allows Tekla Structures project teams to work efficiently together, now with 

  • Improved, robust numbering maintains settings, for example keeping the numbering style you have previously set
  • Object and drawings locks protect your work
  • Managing user rights is flexible
  • Remember that Tekla Model Sharing is safe: Take a look into our new Security center.