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The new Tekla Structures 2017, Tekla Structural Designer 2017 and Tekla Tedds 2017 provide advanced collaboration and efficiency through user interface enhancements, more productive modeling and design communication.

Welcome improved tools for structural steel and precast concrete designers, detailers and fabricators, concrete contractors, general contractors and structural engineers.

Tekla Structures 2017

Tekla Structures 2017 includes a customizable user interface, contextual toolbar and enhancements that make modeling quicker and easier and design communication more effective. New links improve interoperability.

There is now more control to Direct modification, Organizer is faster and general arrangement and detailed drawings functionalities have been improved.

The user interface now has a customizable ribbon and contextual toolbar that can be implemented to all users in your company. Result: Optimized UI speeds up modelling for everyone. Also the 3D graphics have a new look with shadows.

Tekla Structures

Tekla Structural Designer 2017

The new version of the analysis and design solution for structural engineers introduces lots of improvements. For example, now it makes foundation design more efficient by automating the number of piles required, together with comprehensive calculations and material take off within a single model.

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Structural Designer

Tekla Tedds

Proven to improve engineering productivity and quality, Tekla Tedds automates repetitive and error prone structural and civil calculations. Now it includes new calculations.

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Tekla Tedds

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